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Timeshares Will Take You Around the World

by Jennifer Lynn

Whether you're interested in visiting Egypt's majestic and mysterious pyramids or you'd prefer a quiet vacation nestled amid the redwoods of California, there is a timeshare out there for you. Timeshares make traveling the world simple, especially if you purchase a membership with a vacation club.

Consider Vacation Clubs
Vacation clubs differ from traditional timeshares in that, rather than assigning you to a particular resort that you'll return to again and again, these clubs generally use a points system. Here's how it works: You'll be allotted a certain number of vacation club points every year or every other year. You can use these points to vacation at any resort within the network. The number of points that you use will change depending on what type of accommodations you select. If, for example, you'd like a large 2-bedroom suite with a lockout, it will cost you more points than say, a studio. Similarly, the more highly desirable the week you'd like to travel, the more points it may cost. In this way, vacation clubs are very flexible in that they let you choose your lodging, week and destination based on your needs every year.

Try Timeshare Rentals
However, if you're not ready or able to purchase a timeshare, you can still rent a week with a vacation club to create your own dream vacation. When you rent this kind of timeshare, you'll essentially be taking over the owners' points for the year that you rent. You can choose to purchase all or some of their points, depending on your needs, and you'll be treated like a guest of the owners which means that you can rest assured that you'll receive optimum service and accommodations. You can find great deals on vacation club timeshare rentals on the resale market.

Save Money With Resale
In fact, whether you buy or rent timeshare resale, you'll generally save thousands. If you're interested in traveling the world year after year, but can't find room in your budget to make this dream a reality, consider purchasing or renting timeshare. Your family, and your wallet will thank you.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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