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5 hidden travel gems in north america every student can afford


The life of a student is full of stress. Long hours of studying, not enough sleep, exams, and endless academic assignments. After all these trials, a good rest and a change of scenery are as welcome as a gulp of water in a desert.

The best way to spend a long-awaited holiday would be to forget all your troubles, order essay help from ​https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html​ and travel to a nice place.

Of course, traveling means expenses. But luckily, there are many hidden – and affordable – gems in North America. It’s quite possible to find amazing spots where you can spend a breathtaking holiday or weekend and yet still stay on a budget.

Right now, you can start choosing from our list of hidden gems in North America that every student can afford!

1. Asheville, North Carolina

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near two rivers, this city is a paradise for nature lovers and those who want to get away from the urban rush.

Asheville’s curative climate is one of its main attractions, but there’s also a lot more to do here. While it’s not exactly an unknown destination, as it lies near the second most popular national park in the US, it’s certainly not as crowded as some bigger cities.

Visit ​Biltmore Estate or the Grove Inn Park if you’re into history, taste Asheville’s famous beer (there are so many breweries there that it’s known as the “Beer City”!) and Appalachian cuisine or go to the Pinball Museum – there’s enough to do in Asheville to keep you busy the whole weekend and more.

2. La Push, Washington

Washington’s La Push gained recognition after the release of the vampire saga “Twilight”. The dark romance’s fans travel there all year to see the setting, but other than that, La Push is not too popular among tourists.

La Push is not even a city or town, but a small village located at the mouth of Quillayute River. It’s a part of ​Quileute Reservation​, but it’s not the culture that draws the tourists here, but the scenic views.

Besides being the setting for Twilight scenes (in the book only), La Push is an amazingly beautiful site that looks fantastic on camera. So, if you’re into photography or filmmaking, this is exactly where you need to go – with all of your gear, of course.

3. Lafayette, Louisiana

If you’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative to Louisiana’s New Orleans – this is it. Lafayette is only three hours away from its famous neighbor, but significantly cheaper for tourists.

This is a place to go if you like soulful music and tasty food and are eager to explore ​Cajun culture​. Some Grammy-winning Cajun musicians are from here, enough said. Add to that a large-scale Mardi Gras celebration and an abundance of nice places to eat – and you’ve got yourself a perfect recipe for a holiday full of joy.

4. Ponce, Puerto Rico

One more nice substitute for a popular tourist destination is Ponce – “La Perla del Sur”, the second-largest city in Puerto Rico. It’s a perfect choice if the capital, San Juan, seems far too expensive.

In Ponce, you’ll get the same cultural experience as anywhere in Puerto Rico and you also will get the chance to explore its rich history and culture. Visit the ​Ponce Museum of Art​, ride a ferry boat, enjoy your time on the beach, or relax in one of the numerous bars and restaurants.

Although traveling is currently restricted (2020) to this destination due to the COVID-19 threat, nobody said you can’t plan for the future.

5. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

If you prefer to head north, then Canada’s Windsor is a nice place where you can find a lot to do while not spending much money. This is a hidden gem for those who want to experience a busy city vibe and relax without being overloaded with tours, hikes, museums, and hiking.

Here, you can visit local bars and restaurants, walk along the river, dance in a nightclub, and enjoy a getaway from your college or university routine.

Summing Up

Traveling is a perfect way for everyone to take a break from routine and gain the much-needed new experience and perspective. And what better time to start exploring new destinations than student years?

It’s true that an average student’s budget is not big enough for luxury travel to popular tourist places in North America. But there are so many affordable hidden gems here that money is not a reason to deny yourself the joy of exploration.

Don’t hesitate – you’ll love the experience!

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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