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where to travel for some summer sunbathing in 2022

In recent weeks we have seen a lot of easing in terms of the restrictions placed on us with Covid-19. Although this has affected all the UK, not all other countries are at the same maturity therefore it is important to take note of that before making any travel arrangements. We are expecting to see a boom in flight sales in 2022 as more people will look to make up for the last few years where holidays abroad were difficult to do.

Getting a week in the sun will be a priority for a lot of people in 2022. Below are some perfect destinations that you could consider going to top up that tan!


Part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is one of those places where the Brits like to flock to every year. With almost guaranteed sunshine all year round, it is no wonder this is a top hit. Tenerife is especially popular as it generally is not an expensive place. You will be able to spot places selling cold pints of beer for as little as 1 Euro!

This volcanic Spanish island also has some fantastic beaches and waterparks. Siam Park is a hit with not only families but also adults, as the slides are innovative in their design and bring an immense amount of excitement. If you prefer just to chill, then try out the lazy river at this park where you will be able to relax bobbing around in the sun. There is no NHS in the Spanish Islands and all medical care will need to be paid for privately therefore making sure you have appropriate holiday cover is essential.


This fantastic state on the Eastern side of the US also has sun most of the year round. Further south of this state in places like Miami, you are spoilt for the sunshine and fantastic beaches. A few hours north of Miami you have Orlando, home to the fantastic Disneyland Park but also places such as Universal Studio. You are almost guaranteed to get sunshine in these places.

Be aware of specific storm and hurricane seasons. There is a perception that these types of holidays are extremely expensive however you can get a great holiday for any budget if you are prepared to shop around.


A place growing in popularity is Dubai. This country has the best sunshine all year round and buggy trips in the desert are high in popularity. There are world-class beaches and waterparks where you could choose to relax in or get involved in the intense slides.

Dubai is also a place that suits both adults or families and has very different regions to it. Whilst there, you could also visit the highest building in the world or take a trip next door to Abu Dhabi where you could go on the Ferrari roller coaster which is the fastest in the world. Sunshine is guaranteed and there is plenty to do.

With all these places it is important to not only concentrate on the sun and activities but also the insurance cover you have in place. Not everywhere is like the UK and has free healthcare, which we often take for granted. If something goes wrong in terms of an accident or health issues abroad, you need your travel insurance to kick in and support you. If booking one of these trips abroad in the sun, the recommendation is to book well in advance as the predictions are that the prices for summer holidays will rocket in 2022.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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