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interesting vacation ideas during covid times

Are you tired of the routine? Want to get away during the global pandemic? Unlike what you might think or hear around you, you can vacation and enjoy some off time during the covid-19.

From renting a cabin in a remote area or a beach house to exploring national parks in an RV, there are still many ways you can vacation and entertain your kids and family and be safe.

To safely travel in the pandemic, you have to be ready to change your plans. Camps may close, private and public pools might not open, and you may have to push your pre-planned getaway because of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) and safety concerns. But there are still safe ways to travel and explore new places if you do your homework right and stay flexible.

A lot of people have actually been traveling quite a lot during the pandemic by replacing airplane travel with road trips. You only need to be following CDC's guidelines and you can hit the road and have an amazing summer.

You can have the best time spending time outdoors. You might even find a great deal at a popular destination. With few international tourists, most local recreational and national parks have been more welcoming towards locals. Hence, if you plan right you might be able to plan an incredible and very relaxing trip in one of the mountain towns in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Utah.

However, before you do actually travel make sure to check the state rules because no one, especially parents with small children, wants to be stuck inside a hotel room their entire vacation. It would also be a good idea to call ahead and double-check if places that you are planning to visit are open and if they have any specific rules and regulations.

So, are you ready to do this? Let's find out some of the most interesting vacation ideas during covid times.

Rent a vacation home

If there is ever the right time to find a place that you can call 'home away from home,' it’s now!

Renting a vacation home has many benefits, especially now. You can find some amazing places near beaches and mountains. They are often secluded, so you get plenty of time to yourself to relax. There is a lot of room for you to spread out and maintain social distance and a big plus point is that you don’t have to be concerned about strict protocols like at resorts and hotels.

If you have a specific destination in mind, make sure to check to find any local rental companies or you can always browse through Airbnb and HomeAway. These user-generated online marketplaces can give you some good options to rent a private property. From yurts to beach houses, you can find almost anything there and you can also lookup amenities like cribs, pools, and other equipment you might need around the house.

You will have some peace of mind knowing that Airbnb has introduced mandatory Covid-19 safety practices for their guests and hosts. For example, Airbnb hosts are required to follow a five-step cleaning procedure between the guest stays and they must be wearing masks when interacting with guests. 

By making sure you and people around you follow safety protocols, you can have a relaxing vacation and even forget about how the world has changed during the span of just a year.

Explore America's amazing national parks

With such limited options available for people to travel and enjoy their time off, the national and recreational parks are going to get a lot of traffic this summer. However, people from around the world come to experience the national and recreational parks in the U.S. That said with limited air travel and many counties limiting international travel, a lot of these facilities will be open to hosting more local vacationers.

Keeping travel guidelines and safety precautions in mind, you can easily find one of these national parks that suit you and your family's interests. Most of these parks offer a wide variety of entertainment options from hiking in the great smokey mountains, driving along the scenic roads or playing a range of indoor and outdoor sports.

A great example of such vacations would be Stone Mountain Park one of the popularly known attractions in Atlanta. You can find a variety of family-friendly attractions including a fantastic resort. Whether you are looking for a rustic retreat or a spacious suite, you can find the ideal lodging option for yourself.

However, before making a reservation, make sure to find out more about their covid safety and precaution protocol and ensure to comply to their guidelines.

Get into an RV and start the vacation mood

RVs have been insanely popular during covid times. With most of the world being shut down and people working from home, many people lost the motivation to stay put in one location.

Hence, people have increasingly been looking for RVs, and you can see the appeal in these portable living quarters that let you travel and take off to anywhere you like.

You can literally explore the country, which might not have been possible before the pandemic, and you have a kitchen, bedroom, and all your belongings along with your without worrying about the accommodations or using communal camping bathrooms or even finding a cabin.

Make sure to look up renting RVs online, you might be able to get a good deal from one of the online vendors.

Camp under the stars

The pandemic has presented a perfect excuse for you to take that camping trip you have always been planning. However, do keep in mind that you will have to use the communal restrooms and it won't be like the vacations in hotels and resorts. You might also want to bring your own things like hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies.

That said whether you and your family members are camping pros, or you are first-time campers, you can look up some great booking portals online for campgrounds. You can find the right destination for camping according to what you are looking for.

This trip might make you a camping person, especially the scenic beauty of camping under the stars.

Spacious resorts with social distancing

At this point, where people have mostly found a way of living a normal life as much as possible given the situation, you can even find some spacious resorts open for business. If you are really craving for one of the luxurious vacations in a nice resort with great pools and amenities, then you can even search for a resort that's taking guests.

However, make sure you are careful during the trip and are mindful about your safety and the protection of people around you.

Happy vacationing!

Everyone needs to take some time off. It not only improves your productivity and relaxes your mind but sometimes it just becomes necessary for your overall wellbeing. However, with the above mentioned some of the best vacation options during covid times, you can make sure to plan the right vacation according to what you and your family like and still be safe.         

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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