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August 31, 2016 -- National Trail Mix Day
Sally's Place Homemade Trail Mix Recipe

August 30, 2016 -- National Toasted Marshmallow Day
Sally's Place Homemade Marshmallow Article and Recipe

August 29, 2016 -- National Chop Suey Day
Sally's Place Chinese Food Recipes

August 28, 2016 -- National Cherry Turnover Day
Sally's Place Cherries Article: including recipes

August 27, 2016 -- National Pot de Creme Day
The Perfect Travel Venue: Mendocino County welcomes nearly 1.8 million visitors annually who explore its 90 miles of prime Pacific coastline, 90+ wineries and 10 diverse AVAs (earning the highest percentage of organic and biodynamic vineyards in the United States), 24 state/national parklands and 450+ unique accommodations. For information, go to: visitmendocino.com/

August 26, 2016 -- National Cherry Popsicle Day

August 25, 2016 -- National Whisky Sour Day
Sally's Place Spirits Articles

August 24, 2016 -- National Peach Pie Day
Sally's Place Peaches Article with Recipes

August 23, 2016 -- National Spongecake Day

August 22, 2016 -- National "Eat a Peach" Day
Sally's Place Peaches Article and Peach Cobbler Recipe

August 21, 2016 -- National Sweet Tea Day
Sally's Place Tea Articles: 17 Tea Articles

August 20, 2016 -- National Bacon Lovers' Day
Sally's Place Bacon Recipe: Artichoke & Bacon Spread

August 19, 2016 -- National Hot and Spicy Food Day

August 18, 2016 -- National Ice Cream Pie Day
22nd Annual Music Festival for Brain Health September 17 in the Napa Valley: for tickets, click http://www.music-festival.org/

August 17, 2016 -- National Vanilla Custard Day

August 16, 2016 -- National Bratwurst Day
Sally's Place Article: A Baseball Tour in the Heart of the Midwest, by Elaine Labalme, features "brats".

August 15, 2016 -- Julia Child's Birthday
Sally's Place Article: Julia Child Wins Medal of Freedom in 2003

August 14, 2016 -- National Creamsicle Day
Creamsicle is a frozen dessert on a flat wooden stick. The center is vanilla ice cream covered by a layer of flavored ice, including orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, cherry and blueberry.

August 13, 2016 -- National Filet Mignon Day

August 12, 2016 -- National Julienne Fries Day

August 11, 2016 -- National Panini Day

August 10, 2016 -- National S'mores Day
New Travel Article: The Cathedral City of Lincoln, England by Keith Allan, who explores the city of Lincoln including its grand cathedral.

August 9, 2016 -- National Rice Pudding Day
Sally's Place Coconut-Ginger Thai Black Rice Pudding Recipe

August 8, 2016 -- National Zucchini Day
Sally's Place Stuffed Zucchihi Recipe

August 7, 2016 -- National IPA Day
Sally's Place Beer Articles

August 6, 2016 -- National Root Beer Float Day
Food costs: A new Los Angeles restaurant that will have locations throughout the city will charge different prices in different neighborhoods for the same dish. Los Angeles Times

August 5, 2016 -- National Oyster Day
Sally's Place Barbecued Oysters Recipe

August 4, 2016 -- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 3, 2016 -- National Watermelon Day
Sally's Place Melons Article

August 2, 2016 -- National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
SAVE THE DATE! We are bringing together an extraordinary line-up of master chefs and host wineries for the seventh annual Napa Truffle Festival, January 13-17, 2017.

August 1, 2016 -- National Raspberry Cream Pie Day
Sally's Place August eNewsletter: Recipes from "Lajollacooks4u: California Cuisine" by Jodi Abel.

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