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June 30, 2020 -- Mai Tai Day
BBQ: Texas Barbecue, Shipped to Your Door! A roundup of Texas joints and meat suppliers that can send you smoked meat as well as meat for you to smoke yourself.  Read Story in Texas Monthly.

June 29, 2020 -- Almond Buttercrunch Day
Traveling Spoon connects travelers with local, vetted hosts to share the joy of a homemade meal in their home and learn about their cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations.

June 28, 2020 -- Tapioca Day
Sally's Place Rhubarb-Apple Strudel Recipe that uses tapioca.

June 27, 2020 -- Orange Blossom Day
Italian Aromatic Rice from Gustiamo. Two rice varieties are all about their aromas! When cooking, the smell of black rice and red rice will remind you of freshly baked bread. 

June 26, 2020 -- Chocolate Pudding Day
How Female Farmers Are Changing the Field by foodtank.com. Food Tank shares the stories of seven women changing the face of farming.

June 25, 2020 -- Catfish Day
Janet Fletcher has helped launch a movement called Victory Cheese. This grassroots volunteer effort aims to help America’s cheese industry survive these dire times. Like the Victory Gardens of the 1940s, Victory Cheese is a call to action. Please take a look at the dozen All-American Victory Cheese Boxes I have curated with igourmet and consider purchasing one for yourself, colleagues, family or friends.

June 24, 2020 -- Pralines Day
Meet Lena Richard, the Celebrity Chef Who Broke Barriers in the Jim Crow South by Smithsonian Magazine.

June 23, 2020 -- Pecan Sandy Day
New Food-Related Book: BILLION DOLLAR BURGER: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food by Chase Purdy, is the story of the entrepreneurs and renegades fighting to bring lab-grown meat to the world.

June 22, 2020 -- Onion Ring Day
My Latest Book Find: T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks: Cooking with Two Texans in Siberia and the Russian Far East, by Sharon Hudgins, is a delightful story from Sharon and her husband Tom which is filled with food history, cultural insights, and personal stories about their time in Siberia and the Russian Far East. I read it like a novel and am trying many of the recipes.

June 21, 2020 -- Peaches and Cream Day
Happy Father's Day

June 20, 2020 -- Vanilla Milkshake Day
Bee K'onscious Artisanal Honey is unfiltered pure raw honey of the highest quality. Various varieties include Brazilian Cipo Uva, Brazilian Marmeleiro, Montana Clover and California Sage. This Denver company navigates the globe looking for the highest quality honey. You can scan the barcode to trace the honey to the single beekeeper who produced it. This honey will make your hot tea happy!

June 19, 2020 -- Martini Day
15 weeks of French Wine Classes start July 13: Wine Scholar Guild

June 18, 2020 -- Picnic Day
Sally's Place Picnic Articles: Picnics by Rosemary Furfaro

June 17, 2020 -- Cherry Tart Day
Oxbow Public Market in Napa,California, Announces the Opening of Bar Lucia and the Addition of Lappert’s Ice Cream.

June 16, 2020 -- Fudge Day
COOK SPACE VIRTUAL LEARNING: online cooking classes for Dad and all others including Summer Seafood, Bread Making, Taco Making Class, Donut Making and more.

June 15, 2020 -- Lobster Day
Sallly's Place Lobster Article: How to Grill Lobster

June 14, 2020 -- Strawberry Shortcake Day
Free, Live Streamed Virtual Wine Tastings & Winery Tours Direct from Israel: Novices and oenophiles alike can explore all this and more with Kosherwine.com’s free Live-Streamed Wine Events, presented in partnership with the Israeli Wine Producers Association (IWPA), through July 5. 

June 13, 2020 -- Cupcake Lover's Day
11 Kitchen Hacks to Cut Down on Food Waste in the Tastiest Way by foodtank.com. Get the most out of your grocery shopping.

June 12, 2020 -- Peanut Butter Cookie Day
The Six Bread Books to Buy When Your Breadmaking Habit Starts Getting Old (or Hard) by Epicurious.

June 11, 2020 -- German Chocolate Cake Day
Far From Home? These Regional Foods Can Be Shipped to Your Door by Smithsonian Magazine.

June 10, 2020 -- Iced-Tea Day
The New Normal of Dining Out: Restaurants and bars worldwide are instituting unique safety measures against the spread of COVID-19. But will they be effective? by smithsonianmag.org

June 9, 2020 -- Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day
Hats Off to the Class of 2020! Celebrate With This Martinelli's Berry Apple Cooler Mocktail

June 8, 2020 -- Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day
Beans are Back at Gustiamo

June 7, 2020 -- Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Feel Good Foods Guaranteed to Make You Happy: Whether you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or an excuse to indulge in your favorite vice, these five foods and drinks are guaranteed to make you happy and boost your overall mood. (I put this article under a chocolate day for a reason).

June 6, 2020 -- Gingerbread Day
Understanding the Science Behind the Mediterranean Diet's Health Benefits for People and the Planet by foodtank.com.

June 5, 2020 -- Ketchup Day
Steamed Fantail Shrimp: this Chinese recipes by Dorothy Huang uses ketchup in the sweet and sour sauce. Enjoy!

June 4, 2020 -- Cheese Day
Say Congrats with their NEW Boudin Bakery Graduation Loaf. Send your graduate a sourdough send-off!

June 3, 2020 -- Egg Day
Elope - The Bride & Groom + 4 Guests at Brix Napa Valley: Located in the heart of Napa Valley, Brix is a stunning location for weddings of all sizes, where couples can literally get married “between the vines” of the Kelleher family’s spectacular Cabernet vineyard, nestled at the base of Napa Valley’s Mayacamas Mountains.

June 2, 2020 -- Rotisserie Chicken Day
Celebrate summer with an ice cream inspired virtual chocolate tasting with Delysia Chocolatier in Austin, Texas: Family Night: Ice Cream Social: June 6 and Ice Cream Social: June 7. Or schedule your private chocolate tasting event.

June 1, 2020 -- Hazelnut Cake Day
The Timely Return of the Drive-In Restaurant by smithsonianmag.com

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