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by Kristin D. Lahmeyer

Ever have a hankering for pecan truffle cheesecake at two o'clock in the morning? We can help with that. Sally's Place is dedicated to bringing you a world of flavors. We can tell you about Mango Passion chutney that appears on your doorstep, spectacular home-style vinaigrette dressings and "flavors from the rainforest." This continuing list will change as we receive information on products that meet Sally's Place standards. Please let us know of any products you find to be of high and consistent quality.

Ice Cream so Natural it Moos

Taos Cow manufacturers all natural and rBGH free super premium ice cream in both traditional and southwestern flavor combinations. Who could resist a pint of Holstein Sunset (strawberry ice cream with white, dark and milk chocolate chunks), Buffalo Cafe (coffee ice cream with chocolate covered coffee beans) or Pinon Caramel (vanilla ice cream with vanilla caramel and roasted pinon nuts)? In addition to their established flavors, Taos Cow will create unique specialty flavors for restaurants and catered events.

To Purchase: (products are available at finer stores throughout New Mexico and the southwest)
PO Box 49
Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico 87525
you can phone Taos Cow at (505) 776-5640
or call their distributor, Rainbow Natural Foods, at (800) 264-7633

The Museum of Modern Art has Nothing on This Place

If you must know, I studied art history in college. Therefore, and here it comes, I am naturally drawn to any business named Dessert Gallery. Actually, I'm naturally drawn to any place with "dessert" in the title. And the Dessert Gallery is just what I'm looking for. Their list of chocolate desserts is eight items strong and they produce 15 different types of cookies and bars. Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake, Italian Cream Cake, Turtle Candy Cake, Chocolate Concorde, Way Out Cut-Out Cookies...are you tempted yet? Cookies and gifts can be shipped but not the cakes.

To Purchase:
Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe
3200 Kirby Drive, #106
Houston, Texas 77098
(713) 522-9999
fax (713) 522-5511

Take Me Down to Cheese Cake City

If there's one thing I love, it's a business totally and completely devoted to...me. Cheese Cake City, based in Berkeley, California, seems to be just that. Cakes are available in full and low-fat varieties, including: white chocolate, pecan truffle, super fudge chunk and the Cheesecake Sampler -- four pounds, eight flavors, two slices each. I'm home!

To Purchase:
1225 - 4th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 524-9404
fax (510) 524-4057
email cheezecake@aol.com

If You're Going to Men-do-cino

Cafe Beaujolais Bakery, in Mendocino, California, has been in the restaurant and mail-order business for some time. Their Nut Crunch Nut Butter, Pear Barbecue Sauce, Cashew Granola and Hot Chocolate Mix have filled the bill for many. All of these products, and more, can be yours, and you don't even have to go to Mendocino. (Just in case you were wondering, their Woofer's Fabulous Dog Biscuit Mix is a big seller, as are their Dried Fruit Fruitcakes).

To Purchase:
PO Box 730
Mendocino, CA 95460
(800) 930-0443 or (707) 937-0443
fax (707) 937-3635
email cafebeau@mcn.org

Passion in an 8-ounce Jar

Suneeta Vaswani, creator of the Suneeta's Indian Cuisine TDF Collection ("to die for") is now shipping her fabulous chutneys by mail-order. Glaze a chicken breast with Suneeta's Tomato Passion. Dress-up cooked shrimp with Suneeta's Mango Passion. Increase the culinary romance in your potato salad with Suneeta's Peanut Passion. I feel inexplicably drawn to my kitchen...

To Purchase:

San Francisco is Just a Phone Call Away

The Tadich Grill, a San Francisco landmark restaurant, has introduced a mail-order line which includes their Seafood Cocktail Sauce, House Salad Dressing, Bloody Mary Mix and Cioppino Sauce. You can even look like you ate there when you order a TG apron. Bob Newhart is quoted as naming the TG "A great dining experience!" I wonder what he meant by that?

To Purchase:
PO Box 881870
San Francisco, California 94188-1870
(800) EST-1849 (378-1849)

Ah Love Mah Bar B Q

Rudy's Country Store and Bar B Q is in Leon Springs, Texas (also now in Austin, TX, Albuquerque, NM, etc.). Need I say more about their famous Bar B Q Sause[sic]?

To Purchase:
24152 IH-10 West
San Antonio, Texas 78257
(210) 698-7177

A Taste of Hawaii

The Kea Lani Hotel has introduced a specialty catalog for ordering their own line of food products. Included in the catalog are:
The Breakfast Pack: Pineapple Coconut Jam, Asian Banana Butter, Macadamia Blossom Honey, Orange Mango Marmalade, Lemon Lilikoi Jelly and Guava Strawberry Jam.
$27.00 US plus shipping charges.
The Barbecue Pack: Spicy Mango Barbecue Sauce, Garlic Peppercorn Ketchup and Toasted Maui Onion Mustard.
$14.25 US plus shipping charges.
The products can also be ordered separately and in a variety of sizes. Each delivery comes with the Kea Lani guarantee of freshness.

To Purchase:
(800) 628-6828
fax (808) 242-8389

Give This Dressing a Fair Shake

Two spectacular, fresh dressings have been right in front of our face on grocers shelves and we're glad we didn't miss it. Carmela's Gourmet Vinaigrette Authentique and Balsamic Herb are the creations of Carmela Cantisani, a native of Italy and a current resident of Monterey, California. Carmela based her recipes on the dressings of her childhood in France and Italy, dressings with integrity. She makes them with extra virgin olive oil, specially aged Cabernet vinegar, French mustard and fresh garlic. She considers the vinaigrette a "way of bringing each of (us) into (her) home." Blind since birth, Carmela's has her labels printed partially in Braille; proving, once again, that the taste is truly the thing.

To Purchase:
Call Carmela's Gourmet at (800) 301-1151 for ordering possibilities and retail locations near you.

The Beat Beat Beat of the Tom Tom Drums

Houston Chef Michael Cordua has introduced a retail line of South American gourmet sauces and chips made popular at his Churrasco Restaurants. The sauces and chips can be eaten together or the sauces can be used to enliven every home-cook's recipes. Salsa Mireya is a sweet-spicy pepper sauce and Amazon Dressing combines the crisp flavor of cilantro with the heat of jalapenos. The chips and sauces are available at the restaurants. The gift box contains Plantain Chips, Chimichurri Sauce (a garlic-infused olive oil), Salsa Mireya and Amazon Dressing. The entire package retails for $19.95 US.

Purchase only at the restaurants:
713. 527.8300

FORTUNEPR@aol.com Hogs and Quiches (OK, just Quiches)

Henry Mancini is playing on the stereo, you've a mai tai in hand, the breeze is blowing, the stars are out, that new girl from the office is grossly overdressed for the occasion. What's missing? The ubiquitous Nancy's Quiche, n'est pas? From office parties to wedding receptions, Nancy's Single Serve Quiche Entrees and Nancy's Petite Quiche Appetizers have been tempting tastebuds since 1977. With an average output of one million quiches per day, Nancy and Nancy's Specialty Foods has grown to being the largest volume quiche maker in the world. Nancy's Classic French, Monterey, Florentine, Spring Vegetable, Southwestern and Italian quiches are tasty and easy to prepare -- just a few minutes from freezer to microwave to table or hors d'oeuvre tray.

To Purchase:
The quiches are available at retail stores throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Questions or comments:
Nancy's Specialty Foods
205 Constitution Drive
Menlo Park, California 94025-1108

You'd Be Hard Pressed To Find a Better Olive Oil

Julie, Jamie and Adam Sadeg take their olive oil very seriously. Their goal is, in fact, "to produce the best possible premium extra virgin olive oil from California." To this end, they use only Mission olives grown on their ranch in Palermo, California and they cold press them within 24 hours of harvest using the Italian centrifuge method. What does all this mean to consumers? The "perfect example of a...California virgin olive oil...golden, clean and sweet," according to one supporter. And, in support of us "Avocado Heads," the Sadegs run a certified organic orchard.

To Purchase:
Sadeg Organic Olive Oil is available in specialty stores throughout the United States. For more information call:
(510) 521-OLIV (6548)

This Ain't Your Basic Mac and Cheese

Stripes and bumblebees and triangles, oh my! Imagine what the kids will think when you serve them Zebra Striped Ravioli from Cafferata Pasta. This line of specialty pastas, available to finer restaurants since 1986, is now available at your local grocer. Freshness is the key to these imaginative bites and the filled pastas are flash frozen immediately after they're made. Each one of the colorful pastas is made with a variety of natural ingredients, such as: whole leaf spinach, tomato paste, turmeric and squid ink.

These colorful pastas are either filled or cut into interesting shapes. Confetti Agnolotti is filled with roasted and seasoned butternut squash. Bumblebee Triangolo is a combination of black and yellow striped ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms and ricotta cheese. Tex-Mex Ravioli blends ancho chili pasta with a spicy pinto bean and cheddar cheese filling. You can even dress up the classic macaroni and cheese with the Black and White Bow Ties.

Precise cooking instructions are included and the pastas look best when not pre-tossed with your choice of sauce.

To Purchase:
Cafferata Pasta is available in the freezer section of your local grocer, if you live in California or Arizona. For more information call:
(510) 620-1010

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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