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Ethnic Cuisines

Terrie Wright Chrones describes the culinary and historical signifigance of this continent's various regions.

African American
African American cuisine predominant in the southern United States is influenced by African styles of preparation and cooking.

Because of the Empire's political ebb and flow over the past centuries, Austrian cuisine has become a hearty potpourri of ethnicities -- Elisabeth Castleman shares some recipes and secrets.

What else besides waffles are the Belgians known for? Lou Pappas journeys to this densely populated country to find out.

As the world's fifth largest country, Brazil is famous for its eclectic cuisine influenced and nurtured by its many regional ethnic backgrounds.

Lou Seibert Pappas debunks the myth of the all-boiled. Includes recipes, definitions and a list of reference books.

Britain: The Resurgence of the British Cuisine
Claudia Foleng-Achunche talks of The Resurgence of the British Cuisine.

Rachel Timmons discusses the components of true Chinese cuisine, and gives a breakdown of the four major regional styles: North, South, East and West.

Susan Reiss covers many details of French cuisine -- from cookbooks and sauces to regional styles and restaurants.

Can you say Spannferkel? Gemuetlichkeit? Schneckensuepple? Big words are only a small part of Elisabeth Castleman's comprehensive coverage of Die Echte Deutsche Kueche (The True German Cuisine).

Lou Seibert Pappas provides in-depth information on Greek Cuisine, including a glossary of terms, recipes and a list of cookbooks.

Lou Seibert Pappas fell in love with the sights and sounds of this bustling economy and returned home with more than just woven bags and artifacts.

Love spices and cultures rich in history? You'll love Nancy Freeman's article - it's heavy on the spice and loaded with information.

Indonesia is home to endless miles of coastline and rich volcanic soil as well as a unique cuisine influenced by numerous cultures. Nancy Freeman reviews.

Rosemary Furfaro writes expertly on Italian Cuisine, including a glossary of terms, recipes, family remembrances and a list of cookbooks.

Lucy Seligman takes a close look at traditional Japanese cuisine.

Joe George immerses himself in the spicy past of this cultural crossroad.

Elaine Sosa travels south of the border to find out the history behind the colors of Mexico's flag, sample all the famous flavorful cuisine and experience all the sights and sounds of "el mercado." But what was one dish she wouldn't taste? You'll have to find out, but she's included several tantalizing recipes you're sure to try.

Mexican Organic
Arlene Krasner is on a quest for local, organic foods in San Miguel de Allende that are the pride of the purveyors.

Mexico: Day of the Dead
Maria Teresa Valenzuela shares the customs and celebration of death for the most Mexican of all holidays, Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Mexico: the Mercados of San Miguel de Allende
Arlene Krasner visits The Mercados of San Miguel de Allende: Tianguis del Martes, Mercado Ignacia Ramirez and Mercado de San Juan de Dios.

Mexico: Cooking Classes
San Miguel de Allende is a city of classes. Arlene Krasner visits four cooking classes, from traditional Mexican cooking to contemporary, healthy Mexican cooking.

Mexico: Mole!
Mole: A Celebration of Mexico by Arlene Krasner explains a dish that can contain up to 35 different ingredients, including chocolate, and takes many days to prepare. History and recipe included.

Mexican Cookware
Arlene Krasner highlights traditional Mexican cookware, including the Comal, Cazuela, Ollas, Copper Pots, Tortilla Presses and Grinding Utensils, in "My New Mexican Kitchen." Recipes for Guacamole and Quesadillas are included.

Mexico: Cooking Class
Susana Trilling: Seasons of My Heart Cooking Class by Arlene Krasner highlights this popular PBS cooking show host and teacher. Recipes for Marinated Chicken Wrapped in Banana Leaves, Saffron Rice with Caramelized Pineapple and Layered Mango Pudding are included.

Elaine Sosa slices and dices her way through this ancient civilization to find this country's cuisine is full of sugar and spice (and everything nice). Includes recipes for such traditional mealtime staples as mint tea and bisteeya.

Nancy Freeman brings you an in-depth article on the Philippine culture, including the country's regions, U.S. stores that carry Philippine items, and addresses of Philippine restaurants.

In "Coming Home to Lisbon," David Leite tells us about going home, as his father was born in Portugal. He explores the old and new of Portugal's capital, and discovers a revitalized city to call his own.

Alla Lopatin shares geography, foods, recipes, and Russian restaurants around the world with us.

South Africa
Loin of springbok, terrine of warthog, ostrich carpaccio and green lip mussels...it may sound like the witches of Macbeth, but it's just intrepid Lou Pappas delving into South Africa's colorful Rainbow Cuisine.

South America
Ava Pereira, who currently is living and teaching in Cochabamba, Bolivia, shares history and foods from this South American country.

Lou Seibert Pappas takes us on a tour of Spain where Basque cuisine and tapas rule the culinary front.

Spain reigns at San Antonio, Texas New World Wine & Food Festival by Sharon Hudgins.

Sally takes a look at the components of this popular cuisine. Readers will find helpful lists of cookbooks, video tapes, Thai food products, a glossary of ingredients and recommended Thai restaurants in San Francisco.

Terrie Wright Chrones finds pleasure in the Turkish culture. Includes many recipes and Turkish food terms.

Sheilah Kaufman shares The Delights of Turkish Cuisine, including interesting facts and recipes.

United States
Beyond apple pie and cheeseburgers, America's food background is as ecletic as its residents. Nancy Freeman reports.

Nancy Freeman continues our series on ethnic cuisines with this article. Includes a lengthy list of Vietnamese restaurants in the United States.

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