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Eating History

by Betty Fussell

Mezcal and Michelada
The next wave of good drink from Mexico, after margaritas, is mezcal.
A sip of mezcal, a glug of michelada, and turn up the mariachi on your iPod.

Buffalo Heart Braised
Farm-raised buffalo allow us to enjoy this delight and Betty shares a recipe.

FOUR FOR THE MONEY: Full Flavored Steaks For Less
Betty educates us about less expensive cuts of beef and includes a recipe for Citrus Chili Marinade.

Food for a Mountain Man
Sam moves from downtown Philadelphia to the mountains of northwest Montana and Mom Betty Fussell shares recipes for Sam's Chicken Soup and Sam's Chili.

Beans...No Strings
Whether you call them French, Aztec, string, snap or Italian, you'll enjoy Betty's recipes for French Beans the French Way and Italian Beans with Pesto.

Cooking in Clay
Betty gives us 2 clay pot recipes, Braised Duck with Leeks and Orange and Clay-Baked Fish.

Sunny Summer Fruits
Betty shares the sugar solution to all those wonderful summer fruits including apricots, cherries, peaches and plums. Raspberries in Raspberry Cream and Billy's Boy's Sour Cherry Pie recipes are included.

Chocolate-Chili-Orange-Corn Cake
Betty gives us the chocolate syrup, batter & glaze recipes for this delicious cake.

Good Hominy Grits
Betty serves 3 recipes: Breakfast Grits, Hominy Stir-Fry and Quick Mexican Posole with Roasted Peppers.

Wild and Weedy Greens
From mustard greens, nasturtiums, spinach and watercress to dandelions, chicory, escarole and chard, Betty Fussell shares three "green" recipes.

Parsley--Much More Than a Garnish!
Betty Fussell offers 3 recipes for this underated garden herb.

Those Bossy Beets
Betty Fussell knows you either love or hate this clothes-staining vegetable. We hope you love them because Betty shares some excellent recipes.

Blueberries: "A Most Excellent Summer Dish"
Betty Fussell chronicles the sundry past of this misnamed fruit.

Christmas Dried Fruits
When is a plum not really a plum? When it's dried, of course! Betty Fussell explains.

Hail to the Garlic Revolution!
From oils to ice cream, there's no food that couldn't use some of garlic's charm.

Mushrooms: Wild and Tame
Poor Agaricus bisporus -- it's so hard to get over a bad reputation.

The Pleasures of Plumming
Both sweet and tart, these summer fruits are perfect snacks!

Rooting for Parsnips
Betty Fussell cheers for this oft-maligned root vegetable.

The Sweetest Corn of All
Described as "the greatest gift to civilization," this is also the only vegetable served at movie theaters.

Wild Birds Tamed
Thanksgiving will never be the same when you serve Betty's famous popcorn stuffing!

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